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~ Commissions and Redesigning ~

There is no doubt that all the Sylvia Kerr Jewellery collections are unique and timeless and for those clients who want something entirely unique to them, Sylvia also offers a truly Bespoke service.
Close up of Sylvia's hands making jewellery at the bench
With over 30 years’ experience creating private commissions, Sylvia will take you through the process, step by step, helping to guide you through the whole process from design to completion for a truly magical journey which ends with your dream piece of jewellery.

Whether you are creating a new jewellery piece or redesigning of a preloved one,

our process is the same.

Redesigning a piece of jewellery from scrap gold

Sylvia walks us through:

Starting with the initial consultation, preferably face to face or for our international clients based overseas, a Skype design meeting. Sylvia begins exploring client’s ideas and moulding them in a conceptual piece of jewellery that will become a beautiful reality.
sylvia kerr jeweller chats to cients about a bespoke piece of jewellery
"The joy of creating bespoke jewellery pieces is that you can create something to your heart’s desire, with our expertise and craftsmanship. Be it an engagement ring with wedding bands to complement or transforming a pre-loved family treasure into something contemporary while still retaining the very essence from which it was born."
Sylvia loves helping transform client’s visions into beautiful realities.
Our relationship is one of discovery .....


  • The first consideration is the item of jewellery to be made. Is it to be a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or a suite of matching pieces.
  • If it’s redesigning family jewellery or a preloved piece, what are the possibilities of reincarnation? Brooch to ring? Necklace to bracelet?
  • I often ask clients if there is a theme or style which resonates with them or a passion they hold close to their heart. This can inform my designing and may appear subtly in the finer detailing.
  • Your lifestyle will help us choose the perfect piece for you, both in design and materials used. If I’m designing an engagement ring or wedding ring which will be worn every day, choosing more durable precious metals and stones is preferable.
  • Precious metals - Quite a personal choice. Platinum is the king of white metals. It’s beautifully white and can be crafted into the finest of detailing and still be hard wearing enough for everyday wear. 18ct gold is perfect if you prefer a yellow metal and rose gold can be amazing.
  • Diamonds and coloured gemstones can be sourced in all colours, carats, cuts and clarity, including certificated diamonds and stones cut to size.
Brilliant cut diamonds
"After our in-depth discussions, the designing can begin. Over the next couple of weeks, I work on the sketches, producing a design drawing for your piece of jewellery. This allows you to see how your finished piece will look. At this stage, it is still possible to make any slight adjustments to further enhance your piece."
jewellery design drawings and loose fine diamonds
When you’re happy, the piece can then be made in our workshop.
Many of our customers love to receive images of the piece as it comes to life, a lovely record to keep and ensures that my clients are part of the whole creative process throughout.
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