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From Racetrack to Kilt

We do get some amazing and interesting commissions to design and make and this one was way up there.
Our customer wanted a set of cufflinks and matching kiltpin for her partner who is a racing driver and his favbourite track to drive is Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.
Spa racetrack Belgium
With a commission like this, we always produce design drawings. 
There is a particular area of bends on the track that are his favourite.
This we highlighted with a little bit of 18ct yellow gold.
It's colour is a lovely contrast to the silver.
Original design drawings for solid silver Spa racetrack inspired kiltpin
The  design drawings for the kiltpin showing the 18ct gold detail on the front.
As these pieces are completely unique and handmade, it is possible to add any inscriptions. In this case initials and a symbolic butterfly were hand engraved on the back.
Original designs for Spa racetrack inspired solid silver cufflink commission
The pieces were also given a satinised design finish inspired by the winner's chequered flag.
Finished in box designer Spa kiltpin in solid sterling silver and 18ct gold detail
The finished solid silver kiltpin, in its presentation case and good to go.
Finished in box designer Spa racetrack inspired cufflinks in solid sterling silver
The finished matching cufflinks.
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