The Voyager


When it comes to creating a new collection, what inspires our designer Sylvia? In this blog , Sylvia shares with you her journey from inspiration through to creation with the "Beitris" collection.
My inspiration comes from many different sources; The beauty and grace of my beloved horse  (The Farah Collection), Scottish Baronial style & intricate wrought ironwork (The Blair Collection) and my love of animals and nature (The Hare & Hound Collection).
 Design inspiration can come from so many different aspects. For each designer, there always lays an interesting story behind each piece they present to you.
the making o the silver equestrian styled Beitris Jewellery collection
The Beitris Collection was initially based on the simplicity of a horse's Pelham Bit, but as the design began to take place on paper, I started to see similarities in the beautiful curves and lines seen in more traditional Arabic jewellery.
This further inspired me to develop this jewellery story that would transpire to be our first Resort Jewellery Collection and one which would pull me into an exciting
new direction, unexplored previously.
silver horsebit inspired necklace
With the traditional pelham bit as my significant starting point, I began to add movement and fluidity into the elegant curves and lines of the design, working with each piece, embracing its exotic nature and ensuring that each piece echoed international appeal.
You can now see these represented through the tactile linked chains that finish the drop of the earrings through to the shaped elements that lay within the bracelet to sit beautifully on your wrist.
solid silver horsebit inspired bracelet
Beitris silver bracelet
And finally, why Beitris? The name Beitris is said to be of Scottish Gaelic origin but is a name which can be found across the globe and with numerous spelling variations. Meaning 'Voyager' and 'bringer of joy', this collection did indeed take me on a design journey far afield to hot climates and exotic locations to present a new collection which I hope will also bring the wearer much joy.
silver beitris stud earrings
Beitris silver stud earring

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