The Inspiration Behind The New Polo Collection

 With the Jaeger LeCoultre Gold Cup Polo Final this month, our designer Sylvia Kerr talks us through her new POLO COLLECTION:
The inspiration, the design and the final pieces.
"I love polo, and while I have never tried polo in the saddle, as a horse rider myself, the skill and talent required by both horse and rider working as a partnership simply fascinating. I also love the whole polo experience from watching the game to enjoying a glass of bubbly and a picnic.
 girl playing polo on bay horse
Heloise Wilson-Smith
The collection evolved through a beautiful photograph I spotted online of a female polo team in mid-game, and I just loved their energy, power and grace. I have no idea who these women were, but I wanted to design a collection for those women and all women that love the sport and the luxury lifestyle it represents.
 girl wearing gold, pearl and diamond polo necklace
I wanted to create a collection of jewellery that was both elegant and fashionable. I love long necklaces, and they feature strongly across my collections. The Polo Necklace features a polo helmet, mallet and pearl, that have been designed to create a fluid feel to the piece that comes to life with movement when you wear it. The helmet features sapphire stones in the silver necklace and fine cut diamonds in our gold, rose gold and platinum version.
As we offer bespoke across all our collections, we can even emulate your polo team colours or incorporate your birthstones.
rose gold, diamond and pearl polo necklace
solid 9ct rose gold, diamond & cultured pearl polo necklace
Our new ambassador Heloise Wilson-Smith will also be playing matches wearing her necklace as she feels it adds a gorgeous feminine touch to her polo outfit. I'm thrilled she feels this way as this is exactly what I wanted the collection to be for everyone. That piece of jewellery that makes an outfit, however casual or dressy. That 'wow' accessory that finishes off your look, day or night.
 Silver polo mallet inspired chukka braceleton grey background
 Polo Chukka Bracelet
For the other pieces within the collection, I took the polo mallet and reworked it to take on elegant curves to sit beautifully on the wrist with our Polo Chukka Bracelet, and our Polo Pearl Earrings incorporate a freshwater pearl to compliment it's stunningly simple design.
soild silver polo mallet and ball earrings
 Solid silver and pearl polo earrings 
Our Signature Polo Bracelet is a beautiful piece that mimics the ball and mallet with a regular rhythm that runs throughout the bracelet with a series of orbicular links with mallet detailing.
solid silver siognature polo bracelet with girl riding polo pony in the background
 Silver Signature Polo Bracelet
 From my initial inspiration through to the first draft pieces to then getting the pieces back from hallmarking and hand-polishing each piece. This collection has been a joy to make and from customer feedback so far, also a joy to wear."
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drawing showing the design process of the silver wrought iron inspired bracelet

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