My Journey So Far

I'm sitting here wondering at the progress of my new Collections of Equestrian and Country inspired pieces of fine jewellery. The branding, the website, the social media and all the photography and I can't help but reflect on the amazing and sometimes frustrating journey, that has taken me to this hugely exciting point.
If someone had said to me a few years ago that I would be launching my own named brand of my personally designed silver and gold pieces I would have probably dismissed the whole idea as not me at all, yet here I sit, with a luxury Brand ready to be launched onto the market. 
                        image in black and white of jewellers hands making a necklace at the workbench  
It all began with my love of Art and making thing as a teenager, but I was not too sure which direction this would take, I spent 5 years at Duncan Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee. Here, almost by accident, I discovered my passion for designing and making jewellery in all the wonderful precious metals. 
This sped me through some fantastic years of being self-employed. Taking on jewellery crafting commissions, varying from Armed forces Silver trophies, bespoke engagement and wedding rings, to being trusted with treasured heirlooms in gold and platinum to design and remodel into fresh and contemporary pieces.
 Sylvia Kerr Jewellery stickers and wax seal 
 In amongst all these commissions, has been my love of all things equestrian, wildlife and the great outdoors, but these areas were always separate. The catalyst that brought them together, was a few years ago, I spent some time in hospital, giving me a time to reflect. I felt a need to change the direction my work was going and looking at what influenced me, the idea for jewellery designs based around the things I was most passionate about in my life, just seemed to make total sense......the journey had begun.
The making of silver equestrian styled Beitris collection
I started having ideas, then the sketches. I can't say that there weren't tears and frustrations along the way, there was, but 3-4 years later and here I am, with six unique Jewellery Collections that surprise even me. These aren't just for the horse lover, but for those who have an affinity with the countryside, or who just love beautiful timeless contemporary design.  
So, moving away from reflection, I look at all these finished beautiful jewellery collections, all my fledglings ready to fly the nest. As the mother of these little precious birds, I look on them with love and pride and I hope that as they take their first flight out into your world, you will see what I see...elegance, beauty and strength.             

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