Good Design is Always in Season

With all that's happening around the world, there is an urgent need for us all to consume less. When we do buy, we need to make it good quality, something that will last and not end up unloved and broken in the bin.
At Sylvia Kerr Jewellery, we strive to make well designed and crafted pieces. Jewellery that  becomes enduring, special "friends", built to stand the test of time.
Not only does wearing a beautifully crafted" highend" piece of jewellery feel lovely and make you feel special, it can be the far greener option!
Having fewer, better quality items, that become your firm favourites, can be enjoyed time after time, fit you like a dream, will make you feel good on all levels, its a win, win.

Quality vs Quantity

All our pieces are lovingly designed by Sylvia and made inhouse in our workshops and hallmarked in Scotland, UK. We produce small limited numbers of pieces which are carefully crafted and handfinished. We do not sell anyone's else's jewellery and at the moment all our pieces are only available to buy from us. This allows us to maintain our very high standards and guarantee your jewellery is something beautiful to treasure and made to be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Bracelets - All the ends are finished with our signature Leather Strap detailing.
  • Earrings - All our earrings have large good quality scrolls to help support the earrings in your ears and keep them there! At present all our earrings are for piecrced ears only. But it may be possible to convert some designs for non pierced. Please contact us if you have any enquiries.

Close up of bespoke toggel and Bar catch

  • Clasps - The above clasp from our long Lariat chains and also on our Seahorse necklace, designed by Sylvia, has our unique leatherstrap detail and is exclusive to our jewellery.
  • Necklaces - We solder every Link!! Not just some, EVERY. It is SO disappointing when something you LOVE falls apart. We also only use good quality Caribiner type clasps (soldered on) no matter the value of the piece.
  • Stockpin Brooches -  Strong pins! We know, how many have been lost flying across the countryside on a magnificient steed! We use only surgical steel pins on our silver brooches and good revolving safey catches! Gold brooches have lovely hardened gold pins.

Its All In The Detail

Can you spot it?  If you look closely at the jewellery, you will notice our signature leather strap detailing.

It finishes beautifully the ends of bracelets, joins links in bracelets and suspends chains in earrings. In fact this elegant icon of equestrian styling appears in many of the pieces across all the collections, allowing you to style beautifully together pieces from different collections.



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