Jewellery Inspired by the Countryside

Our designer Sylvia Kerr  is continuously inspired by her love of animals and the countryside, which are often reflected through her jewellery design. You only have to glance through her numerous collections to feel inspired by her passion for the natural world.
 In this blog, we take a look at three significant pieces and let Sylvia take centre stage to discuss each piece and how they came to be...
Fortunately, our studio is surrounded by some breath-taking countryside and my daily early morning dog walk allows me to get out and experience the great outdoors. I often see hares, and their inquisitiveness always makes me smile. As they dart around playing hide and seek in the early morning mist. I love their grace, charm and speed and felt compelled to create our Hare Necklaces which embodied the spirit of these chaps at full flight, hung delicately from a fine drop chain.
blonde model wearing solid silver hare and cultured pearl necklace
As a keen gardener, I adore flowers and bees are a significant part of that wildlife story. They work tirelessly all day long, and with such determination and organisation, they are mini-miracles at work! Their gentle nature and charming appearance meant I had to include them! Our Bee Necklace and Bee Lapel Pin always create a buzz when clients wear them.
 Solid silver honey bee necklace next to apple blossum
Our Daisy Pearl Bracelet is a pretty wedding inspired piece that takes a simple daisy and showcases it in all its beauty with my unique take on vintage interpretations. As a little girl, I remember vividly creating daisy chain necklaces and bracelets in the school playing field in the summertime.  Basking in what seemed never-ending sunshine, these were the first pieces of jewellery I ever wore. This beautiful bracelet pays homage to this humble but significant flora.
solid silver vintage daisy inspired bracelet
I have adored horses all my life. They have always had a special place in my heart, ever since childhood, when I badgered my parents constantly to let me have a pony.  My signature leather strap detail is inspired by a leather stirrup strap which is woven into all the equestrian jewellery collections and naturally pulls together this popular theme. Equestrian style is always featured strongly on the catwalk, yet has a classic, timeless elegance. My contemporary take on this big style trend bridges that gap. The Farah Collection is named after my own horse. The horse's noble head is modelled on Farah and is a fitting tribute to an animal that has shared so much of my life and been my partner on so many countryside adventures.
 Bay horse Farah and silver horsehead necklace
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