How to Care For Your Fine Jewellery

 At Sylvia Kerr jewellery all our pieces are made in solid sterling silver, 9ct,18ct gold or platinum.
Hear's a few tips and info to help keep everything looking a good as new!

Sterling silver

Necklace, earrings and bracelet with vintage stirrup design

 Badminton Gift set

This is a wonderful precious metal and wearing your piece regularly is the best way to retain its original beauty.
Silver will naturally take on a slight patina in the recesses of the design and the light abrasion of wear will keep it polished and shiney.
However if your silver jewellery starts to look a little lack lustre.
This is nothing to worry about, it is a natural process and also tarnish is a sign of its authenticity! A little easy care will help bring it back to looking its best.
Rectify with the following simple steps:
  • Always start with a bath of warm water and mild detergent washing up liquid is perfect. Soak the jewellery for 5mins.
  • Using a soft old toothbrush is great and gently brush to remove any dirt.
  • Rinse thoroughly in clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Polish to a shine with your complimentary jewellery cloth.
  • If it needs a little more, use a small amount of good quality silver polish, gently rubbing it into all the "nooks and crannies" then follow the instructions to finish.
  • A propriotory Silver Dip is also great for restoring pieces back to that "like new" appearance.

 A quick word about Pearls

Badminton Pearl Bracelet

 Always remember you are wearing a natural product which is a little like shell.

Some gentle care and attention will help maintain their natural lustre.

Dos for Pearls

  • Wash occassionally in warm water with a little mild soap, or a splash of shampoo not detergent.
  • Use only jewellery cleaners labelled as safe for pearls.
  • Always store them in their soft dust cover.
  • Wearing them  will help them keep their natural lustre

Donts for Pearls

  • Keep them away from sources of heat to prevent them drying out.  Like your skin, pearls need a little moisture.
  • Avoid hairspray and perfume. Put them on after you've applied
  • Make them The last thing you put on and the first to take off!
  • Excercising in pearls is not good. Its not the moisture but the pH of your sweat that will damage them.

Gold, Platinum and Precious Stones

Solid 9ct gold and four diamond intelacing stirrup rings

Gold and Diamond Interlacing Stirrup Ring

These beautiful precious metals are not as prone to tarnishing and we treat these the same as silver but extra care must be given to some softer precious stones. Click here for more info on stone hardness
  • Diamonds LOVE grease and oils, infact it's a test for their authenticity, a stone's afinity with grease. They will quickly pick it up from your handcream or the natural oils of your skin. Keep them sparking by soaking regularly in hot soapy water or if you can spare it, some people swear by a little Gin! 
  • Settings that enclose the back of stones are particularly prone, use an old soft toothbrush to get into the back and remove any debris. 
  • Items with soft stones such as emeralds and opals can have a short warm (not hot) mild soapy bath to remove any grime, but please do not leave them to soak, this is not good for them.
  • A great  tip for pieces with diamonds and other hard stones, (rubies, sapphires etc), is to soak in sparkling or soda water and wasing up liquid. The bubbles will help to to loosen any dirt and remove debris trapped in the settings and on the facets of the stones.
 And because beautiful jewellery deserves to be cared and treasured, we have
an exclusive "Jewellery Care Sheet" which you can print off by clicking on it and downloading 
Full of useful tips and advice including holiday care.
Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Care sheet

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