In Memorium

A Special Keepsake with a Hidden Treasure.

I do feel very honoured sometimes with the pieces I am asked to make.
This one was no exception.
A customer approached me to make a special bracelet that would hold a lock of her beloved horse who had recently passed.
What instantly came to mind, was a tiny vessel that would open and close, holding a piece of his hair without altering it in any way. 
This was the resulting unique bracelet made in solid sterling silver with 18ct yellow gold detail and intricately hand engraved with an initial.
Solis silver opening memorial bracelet
The little vessel slides across to open.
Piece of hair, pleated and ready to go inside the silver memorial bracelet
The small piece of horsehair is carefully pleated and tied with purple silk thread.
Piece of pleated hair all smuggly tucked inside silver memorial bracelet
It's then curled carefully inside the tiny vessel.
Finished individually designed and handmade in memorium bracelet in solid sterling silver and 9ct gold detail
The finished piece.
Its locked tight
No one would know what special memories lie within.
If you'd like something similar, respectfully made for someone special,
please get intouch.

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