How Do I Wear Equestrian Jewellery With Style?

Equestrian style is never far from the significant fashion catwalk trends. The easiest way to add some equestrian style to your wardrobe this season is picking up some equestrian jewellery.
In this feature, we share with you our top tips for wearing equestrian-inspired accessories to ensure you look 'hot to trot' whatever the season. Our equestrian jewellery designer and fellow horse rider, Sylvia Kerr, discusses how to wear your equestrian jewellery with elegance and style.
Professional woman at desk wih design drawings
Our Creative Director, Sylvia Kerr

Our Equestrian Inspiration

 Horse riders pay attention to every detail of their horse. From the tack we choose through to the clothing we wear in the saddle.
 The inspiration for our equestrian collections comes not just from the horses themselves but in the details.
 Solid silver equestrian styled tassel nd neckchain
Silver Blenheim Tassel and Neck Chain
Our rich equestrian heritage sparks an equestrian passion deep within our souls. Taking a glance through our equestrian jewellery collections, you can see from the collection names how ingrained our brand is with our British equestrian connections.
 Does our Badminton collection make you feel the passion in your heart as you gallop across country with the wind in your face and the thrill of having a partnership like no other?
Blonde young woman wearing Silver stirrup necklace sepia image
Silver Badminton Collection
 Or perhaps our Ascot earrings set the pace when it comes to being a clear winner in the style stakes?
blonde woman wearing equestrian styled stirrup silver and cultured pearl drop earrings
Ascot Pearl drop Earrings, Essentials Collection
 We believe that equestrian jewellery should stand the test of time and fashion trends, which is why horse lovers all over the globe choose our jewellery for its timeless design, quality materials and craftsmanship and alluring style. We wanted to create equestrian jewellery to lust over and the feedback from horse riders worldwide is that we really do offer a range of equine jewellery you’ll adore.

 Choose Contemporary Equestrian Jewellery Over Classic

 Choosing a piece of jewellery that has the essence of equestrian with a contemporary feel is imperative. Traditional equestrian jewellery can often look a bit gimmicky or old fashioned.
Our collection of gold and silver jewellery doesn’t automatically scream 'horse jewelry'. However, when you look more closely at our earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and brooches, you can see the beautiful detail, such as a classic stirrup iron and leather strap.
soild silver stirrup inspired drop earrings 
Sterling Silver Badminton Earrings
 Excited by vintage equestrian jewellery designs, we create accessories which give your jewellery box a fresh and contemporary update. Silver equestrian jewellery should be simple in design and make you stop and look twice (for all the right reasons). Some of our equestrian statement pieces are very obviously inspired by our love of this noble animal, such as the Farah collection.
silver double horsehead and thre chain neckpiece
Solid Sterling Silver Farah Neck Piece  
 The Farah Collection celebrates my personal passion for my own beloved warmblood dressage horse Farah and embraces her grace and elegance through a simple horse’s head, complete with a plaited mane.
 Many of our beautiful jewellery designs reflect our equestrian passion through subtle strap detail inspired by your horse's tack or a simple snaffle bit, cleverly interwoven into a design, that only fellow stylish equestrians will recognise.
solid gold and diamond equestrian styled bangle
9ct Gold and Diamond Burghley Bangle
  For us, horse jewellery should reflect the beauty of the very equines with whom we choose to spend our time and indeed, our lives alongside. Horses are a lifelong obsession for me and an integral part of my life both in pleasure and in the jewellery design process.

 Mixing Your Equestrian Jewellery Pieces

 Wearing your equestrian jewellery with other pieces of jewellery can work really nicely as a story. Combining our silver and gold equestrian collections (which have all been designed to work together) with your non-equestrian pieces means that they will all sit beautifully together with the stronger equine influenced pieces.
Blonde model with silver farah necklace and horse
Farah Neck Chain
If you are working on a tight budget, then choose one bold statement piece of jewellery that has that 'wow' factor. Our equestrian necklaces are the perfect pieces to have you galloping ahead in the style stakes.

 Should I Buy Gold & Silver Equestrian Jewellery?

 If you are looking for show-stopping jewellery, then you may be wondering if you should buy gold or silver equestrian jewellery. Our design ethos is that both should have the same allure, whether you are looking to complement your work outfit or dress up for an evening out.
solid gold and diamond equestrian bit inspired earrings
There is no doubt that gold and diamonds are an irresistible combination for lovers of fine jewellery, but our bespoke service also means you can choose your own precious metal and precious stone combinations for dazzling results.
solid 9ct gold, diamond and cultured pearl polo inspired necklace
9ct Rose gold and Diamond Polo Necklace
 Gold, be it yellow or rose gold is the perfect setting for firey white pavé set diamonds as our Burghley collection & Polo collection proves. A timeless union which never dates. Platinum, white and yellow gold with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire and more, whatever your heart desires, we can create the most beautiful equestrian pieces for you through our bespoke jewellery design service.
Three large very good quality diamonds
Silver symbolises sleek, modernism, elegance and wealth. The cool, sleek lines of our silver jewellery pieces make for an irresistible material for creating the ultimate equestrian inspired jewellery
solid silver equestrian styled Farah torque style bangle
Solid Silver Farah Bangle
 Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted at our workshop in rural Scotland. Each of our sterling silver and gold jewellery designs is carefully checked for perfection before being hallmarked and rechecked before being beautifully wrapped and then sent out to our customers across the globe.
Professional woman in her jewellery workshop
Our creative director, Sylvia Kerr in her Workshop

 Avoid The Equestrian Clichés

 Equestrian jewellery doesn't have to be clichéd or tacky.
 We've seen a lot of necklaces, stock pins, bracelets and bangles with fox heads, riding helmets and horses with flowing manes featured within equine jewellery designs. This can make your jewellery choices look less Gucci and more garbage!
solid silver equestrian stirrup inspired bracelet
Solid Silver Badminton Bracelet
 Keep your equestrian jewellery from looking dated or mainstream by choosing something a little more unique in its design. By avoiding equestrian cliché jewellery, you will find that your equestrian pieces will easily move between countryside and city without looking out of place.
 Our collections are fresh and inspiring and ultimately offer timeless quality that you will want to wear for many years to come. Your jewellery should be a joy to wear, so choose your horse jewellery carefully, and you will get years of pleasure from wearing it.
 Blonde model wearing silver equestrian styled bangles next to a horse
Silver Equestrian Bangles 

Quality Over Quantity

 If you are looking for a beautiful piece of equestrian inspired jewellery that will stand the test of time, take a closer look at the metal, design and finish.
Buying gold equestrian jewellery is an investment so make sure you really love the design and style.
18ct rose gold equestrian inspired stirrup drop earrings in black presentation case
18ct Rose Gold Badminton Earrings in black presentation case
 There is lots of cheap mass produced silver equestrian jewellery on the market. It might be cheap to buy initially, but it won't have the same finish or represent the same quality as a piece which is handmade, and then quality checked again before sending out to the customer.
Solis silver equestrian styled horsebit and chain necklace with tassel
Solid Silver Blenheim Neck Chain with Tassel
 When you think about how many times you'll wear that item, investing in quality is worth it. We are proud to produce some of the finest equestrian jewellery in the UK, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and we have customers all over the world including Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the US.

 Choosing Equestrian Jewellery As A Gift

 Choosing jewellery for a gift or for that special occasion; perhaps a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift means that you need to choose wisely.  With so much choice out there, selecting a gift which they will wear and treasure in their jewellery box is something which Sylvia Kerr Jewellery are proud to deliver.
Solid 9ct white gold horse and equestrian styled chain necklace
 9ct White Gold Farah Neckpiece
Our diverse horse jewellery really does offer something for everyone. You can choose by budget or precious metal.
 Creating a bespoke piece of jewellery for your loved one is also a speciality of ours too. With our help, you really can produce a piece of jewellery which will make your declaration of love felt for a lifetime with our personal service.
Design drawing for diamond engagement ring
 Our engraving service also allows you to give that personalisation to the equestrian gift for her.  If you are finding our choice of jewellery overwhelming, then we also offer gift vouchers so you can let your discerning equestrian shop their jewellery with confidence. We also offer free worldwide shipping on all our jewellery purchases.
Gift voucher for £200
Sylvia Kerr Gift Vouchers

 Stamp Of Approval

 If you are buying jewellery online, always look out for the Assay Assured Stamp.
Assay Assured verification award
This ensures that what you see online is what you are going to receive.
 Sylvia Kerr Jewellery is a proud member of this organisation so if you are buying a piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift you can rest assured it will be of exceptional quality.
 Beautifully photographed items can look stunning online, but you may be disappointed by the quality, look and even weight of the piece once you get it in your hand. As an Assay Assured Jewellery Retailer, we have been independently verified, so you know what you see is what you get!
 We are also Scottish members of The National Association Of Jewellers.
National Association of Jewellers crest
 This is further reassurance to our national and international clients who choose to buy our precious equestrian jewellery through our online shop. Members must meet with their strict criteria, and with Sylvia's jewellery design spanning over three decades and her extensive qualifications and experience, customers can buy in confidence.

 All In The Presentation

 Your Sylvia Kerr equestrian jewellery is beautifully presented in our signature boxes with our stunning signature horse logo, complete with dust cover. Some customers choose to store their jewellery in our packaging for safe keeping, others their jewellery boxes or safes.
 Sylvia Kerr Jewellery presentation packaging
Sylvia Kerr Silver Jewellery Packaging
To keep your equestrian jewellery looking as good as it did when you first received it, we recommend that you store it away from other jewellery to avoid scratching and regularly clean it to ensure it keeps its sparkle.
 You can also choose our gift wrapping service (add on each product page), complete with our beautiful wax stamp as the finishing touch to your gift: Beautiful!
Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Gift wrapping
Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Silver Gift Wrapping
For equestrian jewellery that will stand the test of time, our collection of necklaces, brooches, bangles, bracelets and earrings in gold and sterling silver will have you galloping back for more.
 Returning, delighted customers are our business and horses are our passion.
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