Gilding the Lily

Solid Gold Lily Ring with Platinum Detail

Stargazer Lilies were the inspiration for this gold & platinum ring.

Made as a surpirise gift  for a lady who adores Lilies, using the customer's scrap gold from old sentimental jewellery.

In our workshop we do many commissions using the customers old gold.

Its a great way to recycle and repurpose, old pieces that may be worn, damaged or simply dated.

When starting a commission like this, its important to have a good source of inspiration. in this case actual flowers would be ideal, but  line drawings are great too.

Inspiration drawings for Lily ring
Flowers: The Inspiration
Design drawing for Lily ring
The Design Drawing
scrap gold being melted to redesign into new lily designer ring
The gold is melted and drawn down into lengths of fine square wire.
This is used to make a flat outline of the lily design.
Its then tapped round to fit around the finger.
A shank is added and finally, the tiny platinum stamens.
finished designer Lily ring made from recycled 9ct gold with platinum detail
The finished, handmade,unique, individually designed ring.
Please get intouch for an informal chat, if you have any ideas to breathe new life into your old jewellery.

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