From Bowling to Polo

Reuse & Repurpose

In our workshop we undertake many remodelling and repurposing commissions.
Its a great way of reusing jewellery pieces that are no longer of use, a little old fashionned, worn or damaged.
This trophy transformation is a great example of this and something a little larger.
Our customer had picked up this old, solid silver bowling ball trophy on a  stand from an auction sale.
It was heavily engraved, had a few bumps and bashes, but in gerneral, in good condition. Plenty of life left in this piece.
original solid silver bowling ball trophy
Original solid silver bowling ball trophy showing the old engraving and beautiful hallmark.
original solid silver bowling ball trophy
A little bashed, but nothing too serious.
four images of the feet being soldered onto silver trophy legs
The first thing to do was to remove the original engraving and as many bumps and indentations that we could.
In the new design, we were to transform the old tripod style legs into three interlacing polo sticks.
To do this, silver feet and handles were soldered on.
engraving to be added to repurposed trophy
The new engraving to go onto the restored, soon to be, Polo ball.

re engraved repurposed bowling ball trophy

After repolishing to a mirror finish, its off to the hand engraver and when it returns, what a transformation.

finished solid silver repurposed polo ball trophy

The finished trophy.

We sourced a new shiney wooden base onto which we added small silver discs for the winners names and dates.

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