Essential Vacation Tips You Won't Want To Leave Home Without

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Whether you're heading off for a wonderful weekend away in the UK or further afield somewhere hot and exotic, deciding which jewellery pieces to leave at home in the safe or to wear on holiday can be difficult. We asked our designer Sylvia for her top tips to help with your decision making.

 You’ve Got This Covered

It should go without saying, but make sure you check your house insurance will cover your jewellery on holiday, especially overseas. Read the small print and if in doubt, add any valuable pieces to your holiday insurance. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Play It Safe

Most hotels and villas will have a safe in your room but do check before you travel. Leaving valuables lying around in a hotel room or villa is always a risk, and you don't want to be wearing your entire jewellery collection all at once and all of the time during your vacation.
 Purple illustration of holiday Safe

Choose Versatility

silver bunny and flower necklace Ascot silver pearl earrings and studs on beach backdro

 Take jewellery which can be versatile - a pair of pearl earrings can look fabulous teamed with a T-shirt, tailored jacket, Bermuda shorts and pumps for exploring the city by day but can look equally as gorgeous partnered with a long maxi dress and a pair of pretty strappy sandals for the evening. Our adorable Bunny & Flower or Seahorse Necklace are playful additions to your summer style and amongst our best sellers.

silver handcarved seahorse necklace

 Plan Your Holiday Wardrobe

Try and plan your outfits before you leave home. Not only does this save suitcase space but also precious time while on vacation, trying to plan what to wear and only ever ending up wearing a couple of outfits (yes, we've all done that!). Lay everything out and try and build your wardrobe around key staple pieces. For example, a great lightweight jacket, a tailored pair of shorts and a print maxi dress. Then work in other pieces, T-shirts, pretty camisole tops etc. Once you have the basics built in, then you can take a look at your jewellery box to decide which pieces which will get the most wear.
 The Perfect Jewellery Selection

Silver horsebit and chain necklace with tassel

When clients ask me, which pieces they should take on holiday. I always say the pieces they enjoy wearing the most. However, don't forget that saltwater, chlorine, fragrances, suntan oils and temperatures can all damage precious stones and metal including gold. Silver is an excellent alternative to gold and makes a refreshing change to those used to only wearing gold. Our Blenheim Silver Lariat Chain is available with a Detachable Tassel and can be worn full length or shortened to suit your mood and outfit. We even designed the piece to with the perfect length to wrap around your wrist as a bracelet, giving you plenty of options in everyday life and on holiday too. Oh, and the Tassel doubles up as a gorgeous handbag accessory also!
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Wherever your travels this summer, we hope you enjoy!

 With love,
 Sylvia & The Team

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