Diamonds (and Gold) are a Girl's best Friend

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but when they are set in gold they are even more alluring! In this story, our designer Sylvia Kerr explains how the combination of gold and diamonds make for the ultimate keepsake piece of jewellery and why they are your fail safe evening and cocktail wear.


I've always worked with gold and diamonds, and throughout my career as a qualified jewellery designer , I have built up exclusive and trusted relationships with a small handful of diamond merchants to ensure that my quest for perfection goes beyond just my design. Each diamond is handpicked for its clarity, colour and cut and chosen exclusively for the piece in question. Whether it is selecting a diamond to go into a client's bespoke piece or the finishing touch to my Burghley Gold Collection, quality and perfection are always guaranteed. We are also AssayAssured  and Members of the National Association Of Jewellers  establishing our credentials and confirmation of our passion for outstanding quality.
Trade maks of the National association of jewellers and Assay Assured


Loose diamonds on white dackground

The cut, colour, clarity and carat are all significant factors in choosing the diamonds that will finish the piece. The cut of the diamond is perhaps the most important as this will have the most significant influence on the diamond's sparkle. We ethically source our diamonds through our trusted network and will only ever use the very best diamonds within my designs.


Once I have the diamonds, I already know the gold to which I will partner them. While our Gold Burghley Collection is available in 9ct gold, we are also able to offer this stunning collection in white gold, platinum and rose gold. Our clientele has varied tastes in their choice of gold and generally choose their pieces all in the same variety of Gold. However, some customers are playful in their jewellery choices and prefer to build their jewellery collection around two or three types of metal: silver with rose & white gold pieces for example. Depending on their mood, occasion or outfit.


Platinum gold and diamond ring commission

Gold & diamonds are classic combinations that simply never date. Incorporated into a timeless contemporary design, they look breath taking and can upgrade your outfit instantly or add that 'wow' factor to your evening dress. Even the 'busiest' print on a dress or the most opulent ballgown will find it difficult to upstage a pure, beautifully designed gold & diamond piece of jewellery. While not exclusively associated with a single gender, gold & diamond jewellery worn on a woman can add softness and elegance to a structured, tailored Tux immediately. Pearl jewellery can have the same effect but sometimes even these can be too pretty for more glamorous evening wear. Gold and diamonds, however will never be underplayed by your choice of clothing.


Gold and diamond horsebit braceletOur Gold Burghley Collection was born out of a desire to create a collection which stepped up from our extensive silver collection for luxury day or evening wear and catered for our clientele prefers to wear gold. This 'ready to wear' collection brings together an irresistible blend of exquisite contemporary design with the timeless allure of gold & diamonds.


gold and diamond horsebit earrings

Look carefully, and you'll spot the subtle equestrian theme that unites each piece. Taking inspiration from a simple horse's snaffle bit, I have incorporated this very traditional iconic symbol of equestrian style and integrated it into a fresh geometric design. My signature leather strap which features across my collections also makes a subtle appearance within a couple of the Burghley Gold pieces.


Brunette model wearing gold and diamond horsebit bracelet

Whether you plan to wear with your cocktail dress, partner with that little black dress, delight dinner guests or add significance to your outfit at the Opera, the Burghley Gold Collection allows you to shine this season.


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